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Living with chronic pain can impede your happiness and constrict you from living your best life. While modern medicine pushes the idea of pills, many people don’t feel comfortable with those forms of treatment. David Sontag, Acupuncture Physician believes that medication simply covers the illness as opposed to treating it. Because of this, we specialize in acupuncture therapy, therapeutic nutrition and Chinese herbology in North Miami Beach and Miami Shores, FL. Our holistic services are meant to restore balance within the body and immediately eliminate traces of pain. You can trust our licensed acupuncture physician to help you regain your life. We have over 20 years of acupuncture therapy experience in North Miami Beach, FL and Miami Shores, FL. If you’re ready to find a real solution to your chronic pain, call us today to schedule your appointment.

HOW Dr. David Sontag WILL HELP YOU

David Sontag is a licensed nutritionist, an acupuncture physician, and an advanced NAET practitioner who uses old practices of Chinese traditional medicine and the most innovative, advanced oriental techniques to treat even the most difficult conditions by encouraging the natural process of self-healing. Isn’t this the optimal way for everyone to heal? David doesn’t just treat the symptoms. He treats the source of the problem, as well as the whole body, mind, and spirit. David Sontag is a Distinguished Acupuncture Physician (AOMNC) and is certified in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). His acupuncture clinic, which is located in North Miami Beach, serves the Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beach Tri-County areas.


David Sontag, a reputable doctor of oriental medicine, offers alternative medicine techniques from his private practice office in North Miami Beach, Florida. The practice has a relaxing atmosphere and observes flexible office hours.


 “Helping people not only as they present themselves in sickness, but more significantly, as they would be in optimum health and balance, in the full flowering of their true essence, whole in body, mind, and spirit. Working towards this becomes the intention of my treatments for you…”

  • review rating 5  Welcome to David Sontag, Acupuncture Physician.

    thumb Mino Trovato

    review rating 5  This man saved my mobility. I can’t believe I got old with bad feet etc. etc. But I did with arthritis and tendinitis. I went to David out of desperation after even Cleveland Clinic couldn’t help me. After once a week acupuncture for a couple of months, then 2X a month, then monthly I lead a more or less normal life. I stopped Treatment for several months and had to stumble back to Dr. David. I am now back on track. I think it’s been about 4 yrs. but I lead a more than normal life for a person in her 80s. (early80s). I start smiling when I turn right on 19th street to get to a Treatment. And his Chinese medicine for colds and sinuses are a bonus.

    thumb Evie engler
  • review rating 5  Dr. Sontag is very knowledgeable and cares deeply about actually alleviating whatever is ailing you. I was having back pain and within a matter of only 30 minutes, he had taken care of my pain. I was in and out, but never felt rushed. Thanks Dr. SONTAG!

    thumb Tiffany Rashel

    review rating 5  I was on two prescription pills, prescription nasal spray and prescription eye drops for allergies, and still couldn't breathe. I searched for alternative therapies, as my physician had explored all avenues to treat me. I started NAET with Dr. Sontag , and was cleared for a multitude of allergens. I was able to stop all the prescription allergy meds. These clearings work and are long lasting (over 10 years now). Dr. Sontag is a hidden treasure.

    thumb Natalie Goodin

About Me

I am David Sontag Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Nutritionist and Advanced NAET Practitioner. I combines traditional Chinese medicine with western nutritional protocols and natural allergy elimination to treat even the most difficult conditions, doing what ever it takes to get the result. I don’t just treat the symptoms; I treat the whole body, mind and spirit. I am a Distinguished Acupuncture Physician (AOMNC), licensed nutritionist in the state of Florida, and certified in Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). I offer a free consultation without pressure or obligation. My practice, located in North Miami Beach, serves the Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Tri-County area.



“Dr Sontag has exceptional knowledge in
the field of Acupuncture. I have some
nerve damage in my legs and feet that Dr
Sontag has treated with progressive
success as he explained on my first visit.
He has also made recommendations on
other health issues that have improved
my health overall in the time I have been
seeing him.

Dr Sontag and his staff are very friendly
and courtesies and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at home
each time you visit them.”


“Dr Sontag is an overall nice guy!
He is extremely knowledgeable and is
very patient. I am the type of person who
comes in with a list of questions and he is
one of the few doctors to actually take the
time to go over each and every one of my
concerns. You can tell he has a real
passion for his patients and that’s really
what sets him apart. The experience is
super relaxing and the staff goes above &
beyond to make the treatments totally
stress free.”


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There are two distinct strategies when it comes to Chinese cupping: Dry Technique & Wet Technique.

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