Revitalize and Energize Thy-self; Cupping Therapy from Traditional China to Boost your Body and Spirit


Before we commence, let us first understand the basic difference between a conventional and traditional source of medication or therapy. A conventional source is the most opinionated and popular source available for diagnosis in the modern world. Whereas, a traditional therapy or medication revolves around pre-modern ideas given by the then expert of medicine, Ayurveda, and other such practices mentioned in traditional Chinese texts.

Talking about Chinese therapies – one such popular invention is the Chinese Cupping Therapy, an antiquated type of alternative medicine wherein a physician will put a few cups on your skin for a few minutes to create a suction. It usually is similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles.

What happens with a vacuum suction on your body?

Suction cups that are placed all over your body create a vacuum that efficiently draws toxins out of the skin surface. This, in turn, helps a person’s immunity and health directly. This is possible because our skin is the outermost surface that can help the system to throw out harmful toxins and elements without affecting the circulation of blood.

Understanding and knowing the benefits of cupping therapy made it a big success amongst individuals of different age and variables. Note that Cupping naturally draws blood to the external capillaries of the body and may leave behind little cuts or scars on your body post the treatment.

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