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About Us – Dr. Sontag Acupuncture and Wellness

Our commitment to health and wellness is unparalleled–see more below.

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Our Mission

At Dr. Sontag’s Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic, our mission is for everyone that enters our office to move forward toward a state of vibrant health and well-being. We design plans of care blending the best combination of Oriental medicine and alternative medicine to accomplish this.

Our Promise

We will always give you an honest opinion as to whether Oriental Medicine can help you. We maintain the highest professional standards of honesty, respect, and integrity.

Our Core Values

Always treating our patients with care and respect.

Creating a nurturing environment.

Listening deeply.

Consistently delivering exceptional service.

Constantly striving to be better.

Incorporating innovative new treatments.

Working together as a team.

Loving what we do.

A Word From Dr. David Sontag

I have a passion for getting and keeping people out of pain. My ability to combine nutrition, acupuncture, NAET and the latest scientific research allows for a more eclectic approach to solving your presenting issue. I’m an avid researcher of the latest scientific studies in preventive and curative medicine and pursue numerous yearly advanced training in order to provide my patients with outstanding leading-edge care.

My primary concern is always your well-being and providing highly individualized treatments. Combining many acupuncture techniques with electro-therapy, cold laser, bio-magnetics, infra-red heat, Western & Chinese herbology, as well as cutting-edge therapeutic nutritional interventions and a natural allergy treatment technique, you can be assured you will receive the best available care.

It’s my purpose and privilege to serve and treat my patients and to care for their whole being, body, mind and spirit. I invite you to my office to experience what Chinese and Alternative Medicine can do for you.

“Helping people not only as they present themselves in sickness, but more significantly, as they would be in optimum health and balance, in the full flowering of their true essence, whole in body, mind, and spirit. Working toward this is the goal of my treatments for you…”