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//Acupuncture Miami Clinic — How To Choose The Best One

Acupuncture Miami Clinic — How To Choose The Best One

choosing an acupuncture miami clinic

There are hundreds of acupuncture Miami clinics, how do you choose the right one for you? We would take it very seriously and go about it as if you searched for any other type of health specialist. The relationship with your acupuncturist is as important as his/her qualifications. So let’s look at some ideas of how you should go about it.



Acupuncturist in Miami Google search

Search through Google’s organic search results. Yes this may sound pretty obvious but we don’t just want you to search for an acupuncturist in Miami FL. The best way to start is by searching your specific need. If you suffer from back pain do you really want an acupuncturist that specializes in purely fertility? I think not. Like in most professions, you will find a specialist that is better in some areas than others. So type in “acupuncture for pain” in Miami. Also, make sure the location is favorable to you as more than likely you will need to have more than one session. So if you live in North Miami Beach, you might want your search to look like this “acupuncture for pain in North Miami Beach”.

This brings us to the next step of finding the right clinic–their website. The difference between Google and directories such as Yellow Pages is that to be on the first page of the organic rankings, you can’t pay your way to the top. The way you make it to the top is by producing high-quality information on your website. So why is this so important, you may ask? Only real experts can create this informative content. They take time off their busy schedule to write about topics that may interest you before you try acupuncture. When you land on their website you can tell how high quality their Wellness Center will be, more often than not.

Acupuncture reviews

dr sontag reviews from google




This takes us to the next area you should be looking for–reviews. If you are lucky to know someone to recommend you a clinic then take it into consideration. But still, you should perform your own review search. You can type the clinics name and just add “reviews” at the end. This will bring you to all their reviews from trusted sources such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Plus and more. I recommend 4 stars and up when choosing.  Now that we got the reviews we should pick 3 of the ones you liked the most that have passed through your first few needs. Let’s look at his or her certification. In the state of Florida they should have a license next to their names.

Call the acupuncture specialist to see if there is a connection

After you found they are licensed, move to the next step which is giving them a call. During the call, you should go with your gut if you feel a nice connection with the acupuncturist. If on the phone call, you felt like they were grumpy or annoyed, then move on. They could be an expert but the most important thing in acupuncture for us is the flow of good energy, so the chemistry between a patient and the acupuncture specialist is quite important.

Go in for a consultation.

Get a feel for the place, is it comfortable for you? Is the place sterile and clean? The clinic doesn’t have to be a grandiose spa, but it should be presentable, comforting and mellow. Also as important, is the staff attentive and friendly? The last thing you want to deal with is a rude staff every time you walk in. In another blog post, we wrote about “3 Signs That Your Acupuncture Treatment Is Working” you can see some guidelines on whether you should continue with the same clinic or acupuncturist. And of course, don’t forget we offer free consultations so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

In conclusion

We hope this article will help you be on your way to find alleviation for your pain, stress, and health with a good licensed acupuncture Miami clinic!



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