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3 Simple Tips on How To Manage Stress

how to manage stress

Stress affects all of us on a daily basis to some extent. From students to doctors, from new moms to teenagers in high school, anyone can experience the overbearingness of a stressful situation. If you’re experiencing chronic stress and it’s starting to affect the way you live your life, contact an acupuncture Miami clinic and see what options they may have for you. In the meantime, you can start to incorporate these 3 simple tips on how to manage stress.

1. Breathe in, breathe out

stress reliever breathing
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Acupuncture Helps Quit Smoking

acupuncture helps quit smoking


Before we go into Acupuncture for smoking research, let’s look at some information on smoking. The results of smoking on one’s well-being are notable to all smokers. More than 36.5 million Americans are customary smokers, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) expresses that there are over a million deaths in the U.S. a year as a result of smoking.

A number of smokers desire to quit, as they understand the peril of […]

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11 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress

11 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress

Stress is a word we’re all familiar with. Whether it’s work, school, finances or any other difficult circumstances, we’ve all had to manage stress from one time to the other  As it’s well known, some of us suffer from stress more than others.  We’ve heard of patients who are burdened with financial woes and can shake it off like nothing’s wrong. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it seems that our stress can contribute to insomnia, weight gain, wrinkles. In extreme […]

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Pins and Needles: How To Overcome Stress as a Hard-Working Mom

Pins and Needles: How To Overcome Stress as a Hard-Working Mom

The stress of the overburdened mother, the neglect of her mental health and how acupuncture can assist with her pain.

Where does your pain come from?

Does it come from a simple walk to the grocery store, when your knee buckles as you bend down to pick up your son’s favorite cereal?

Does it come from a debilitating migraine that flares up right as you’re about to fall asleep?

Or, does it come from the emotional […]

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