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Chinese Herbal Medicine For Weight Loss

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Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the great herbal systems of the world, as this tradition has long-lived since the 3rd century BC. Now you can find this type of herbal medicine in any “acupuncture near me” clinic.

Chinese Herbal Medicine comes from the concepts of Yin and Yang. This means it aims to understand the different ways in which the fundamental balance and harmony between the Yin and Yang are causing a person’s chi- vitality – to become depleted or blocked, and after understanding it, Chinese Herbal Medicine attempts to treat it. Nowadays, clinical strategies are based upon the diagnosis of patterns of signs and symptoms that reflect an imbalance.

Once the disease has been diagnosed, what herbalists do is to create a mix of herbs which are preserved for several days. The medicinal substances used are primarily plants, but also some minerals and animal products. Different parts of plants, such as the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds, are also used. In TCM, herbs are often combined in formulas and are given to patients as teas, capsules, liquid extracts, granules, or powders. Most acupuncture Miami clinics use these herbs in their treatments.

Obesity is a major problem in the country

Obesity is continuing to grow within the United States. The statistic shows terrifying numbers as two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese. The United States contains one of the highest percentages of obese people in the world. Obesity has led to over 120,000 deaths each year. Today the most common health problem for Americans is being overweight. Being overweight increases the chances of having heart conditions diabetes, respiratory distress, arthritis, which may lead to mortality.

Americans are clear of this severe issue that is affecting their bodies but also their minds, therefore, we try a lot of treatments, diets or even go under the knife to have fat taken out and more. But the main question is how do we lose weight without gaining it back? Often people who seek chemical treatment or get medical aid, go through the yo-yo effect. This means they will in a few months or even weeks- gain the weight loss as they built no routine to keep up with it.

The natural way to lose weight

chinese medicine for weight loss

When talking about obesity, Chinese Herbal Medicine has taken its part in assisting people to lose weight with natural treatments. However, these treatments will result useless if not combined with proper lifestyle, which includes the consumption of healthy foods and a good routine of exercise for detox.

Now, there are many reasons why people can become fat. For patients who simply eat poorly, herbal medicine alone will be useless for helping with weight loss. Without making sometimes significant dietary changes, weight loss is going to be impossible.

Any Chinese Therapy, including herbal medicine, will not boost drastically the metabolism or dramatically stimulate the calorie burn out. What herbal medicine can do is help improve the functioning of the digestive tract, easy craving, and anxiety which may result in weight loss if the person substantially keeps a regular and appropriate diet choice, rather than keeping a nutritionally poor food diet. Unfortunately, there are no magic Chinese herbs or formulas that burn off fat.

Treating underlying causes of obesity

Chinese herb therapy can be helpful for treating the various underlying causes of weight gain, for example, people with disorders such as PCOS or hypothyroidism, weight loss is significantly harder to achieve just by making changes in their food choices. In this case, Herbal Medicine can work as a complementary treatment. Through this therapy, the hormones and biochemistry of the body are balanced and restored, which helps the body to be able to lose weight again, among treating other symptoms of the primary illness.

For stress eaters, acupuncture and herbal therapy can relieve cravings and anxiety, which may result in less food ingestion, which eventually can benefit weight loss.

Chinese herbal medicine has provided treatment for several conditions

chinese herbology for weight loss

Here is a rundown of the diseases it helps. Skin disease, gastro-intestinal disorders, gynecological conditions- Hepatitis and HIV: some promising results have been obtained for treatment of Hepatitis C, and supportive treatment may be beneficial in the case of HIV, Chronic fatigue syndromes, Respiratory conditions, -Psychological problems, substance addictions and obesity.

Properties Chinese Herbs

Some formulas created by herbalists’ aid strengthen the function of the spleen or stomach attempting to minimize the amount of damp that is generated.

Other formulas help the liver to metabolize fats in a more effective way.

If water retention is part of the weight that is kept, Chinese herbal medicine may create a formula to improve the kidney system.

The combination of some herbs may help reducing stress and anxiety which in turn helps reduce stress eating.

So, if you are seeking to substantially lose weight, we suggest you make a major life change, including visiting a nutritionist, starting a healthy diet, regularly exercising and also using complementary treatments as Chinese Herbal Medicine, to make your ride a little smoother!

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