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How To Find A Great Acupuncture Physician in Miami

When you have been in pain and need an alternative method to help you relieve your pain, the term you think off is probably Acupuncture Physician. So how do you find a great Acupuncture Physician? Our first advice is, don’t just go and pick any random physician. Do a little research first on his website, and find out if he is licensed. Also, we recommend you look thru his reviews from Yelp, Google, and other sources. This will give you an idea of what he is like before you call him. If you can get referrals it would be great!

The difference between Licensed and Certified.

Find a licensed Acupuncturist, they go through long training usually around 2100 hours of studies in a program. Besides this, they also have to have worked with 250 patients depending on the state. In Florida, they are required to do this thru accreditation of the (NCCAOM). They also have to pass 4-year master’s level program that includes but not limited to Western Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Biomedical Terminology and much more.

Don’t confuse a licensed acupuncture doctor with a certified acupuncturist. To get certified they usually just need 100 hours of training. Besides this issue, for certified acupuncture practitioners there is no requirement of advancing their education courses like licensed oriental medicine doctors. We are not saying they can’t help you, we are just putting everything in front of you.

Standards to look for in an Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

When you think you know enough about him, give him a quick call yourself to set up an appointment. I suggest you call him yourself to get a feel of how you connect with him. Don’t forget you will be revealing personal information about illnesses, so getting a good vibe would be great.

The facility where the acupuncturist administers treatment is also very important. Acupuncture Miami facilities can vary from place to place. From the run down to the exuberant. My advice is to choose a spot where you can feel relax as the acupuncture works best in this type of environment. I also suggest that the place looks very clean and professional we are talking about needles here.

The next thing you should ask is the pricing since the pricing varies from city to city. The reason behind the different pricing comes from the amount of experience they have and type of acupuncture they practice. Ask them if the prices vary from the initial session to the recurring ones.

Another important question should be if they take insurance and what are their policies to see if you are covered. If you have any small questions like do they have parking, is the waiting time long or any curiosity ask it so you will be as comfortable as may be.

Remember a good acupuncture Miami clinic physician is just like any other doctor. If he/she shows that he is caring, well-mannered and you are comfortable with him/her and you ask all the right questions you should be fine. Follow these few pointers and you should be on your way to a healthier you. Acupuncture in Miami FL can really help you, read a little more on some of our blog posts here.


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