Good Nutrition Leads to a Positive Lifestyle

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Nutrition plays a vital role in managing mental and physical challenges. Exposing your body to foods rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals helps to restore balance, enhance energy and fight illness. David Sontag, Acupuncture Physician is a private practice specializing in therapeutic nutrition in North Miami Beach and Miami Shores, FL . We'll work with you to develop the best nutrition plan that improves your quality of life.

We combine acupuncture and nutrition to develop a unique plan for you. Call us now to schedule your appointment in North Miami Beach, FL.

Food deficiencies trigger a number of health challenges

When you aren't fueling your body with nutritious food, you're opening the door to serious health challenges. Poor nutrition worsens the effects of:

  • Neurological disorders
  • Inflammatory issues
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Mood disorders

Our therapeutic nutrition program is individualized for your specific needs. There's no calorie counting or overtly strict guidelines. Rather, we focus on how the food you eat impacts your body. Check out our online testimonials to see how others have benefitted from our nutrition program.