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/Why and how does it work?

Why and how does it work?

Acupuncture assumes the universe is made of Qi (pronounced “chee”) named by the Chinese ancients for life energy, which also flows through human beings.

The ancients believed the human body consists of channels or small passageways called meridians where Qi flows like an irrigation system coordinating the body’s many systems.

In the healthy person, energy flows through the meridians freely and in abundance, resulting in a state of balance and well-being. Acupuncture attempts to regulate the flow of Qi in the body by supplementing systems that may not be flowing properly.

When this balance is interrupted by stress, injury, emotional trauma or infection it results in an energy deficiency, an imbalance of body energy (e.g., yin to yang) or blockages of energy along the meridians. It is thought that these patterns of disharmony in the body’s energy are at the root of all illness.

By locating the skin points along the meridians that relate to a certain condition, the Acupuncture Physician can address blockages, imbalances or deficiencies in that energy meridian and insert needles at those locations. The insertion of the needles serves to unblock and stimulate energy in the meridians and allow the Qi to flow freely and sufficiently once again.

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