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//We Will Attempt To Prove Skeptics Wrong About Acupuncture

We Will Attempt To Prove Skeptics Wrong About Acupuncture

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We hear it all the time acupuncture doesn’t work is just a placebo. Okay, We can’t go against opinions from random guys that haven’t studied the subject. They usually don’t review enough or might have had a bad experience with a lousy acupuncturist. That makes acupuncture Miami hard to trust sometimes.

But if the pain medicine that’s being prescribed and not helping due to all the side effects of pills, and don’t get me wrong a lot of conventional medicine treats people and helps them get thru the pains. But acupuncture for pain is proven that it works!

I do not have any queries about conventional medicine if it helps you. But acupuncture might be the alternative that gives you a better natural choice that’s affordable give Miami acupuncture a shot. Option a shot!

I will give an example of another alternative medicine.

Last week I was listening to a clip on the Joe Rogan podcast, who is a smart person in my personal view. He always has excellent guests on the show such as scholars, psychologist and the like (besides MMA fighters) which makes the show great! But with all that said, We also believe he is not right all the time. We will explain why in the next segment.

mma fighter

Like some of us that have been scammed by fake healers, Rogan has been very skeptic about alternative medicine. That is because of bad experiences he had throughout his Martial Arts training looking to heal his body from pain and injury.

I believe when you work with an inexperienced chiropractor or false healers talking about chakras and not knowing a thing about how to perform alternative medicine you will be disappointed and scam!

Current UFC Champion Stipe Miocic Swears By His Chiropractor.

Joe talked to Stipe Miocic about how he works with a chiropractor, and the sessions did not help. When he went to a real doctor, he told him he had a bulging disc and got western medicine and got it fixed. He even went to the history talking about Daniel David Palmer being a scam artist. I’m not trying to piss off chiropractors; We believe there is some evidence that it helps with back pain. But hey if the baddest man on the planet takes alternative medicine maybe he is right, and Rogan is wrong.


Acupuncture Faces The Same Dilemma On A Smaller Scale

alternative medicine

The problem comes with all the exaggerations of the healing some make without any data to back it up. It also happens in this field, as acupuncturist also have the same problem. Exaggeration of success also makes us look like a scam sometimes. But we in the last few years gather well-documented research that acupuncture combined with herbal medicine works!

Educating about the real achievements of needle therapy is a responsibility we have to the public. We make sure we check our sources when we link to medical journals.

So Back To MMA for a Moment

So the heavyweight champ hat’s about to fight a monster knockout artist heals his body with alternative medicine. To who say it’s a placebo effect you also have to think that at the end the brain most powerful organ in the human body. And if it helps you heal, who cares how it does it as long as is natural and works.

Acupuncture Has Way More Research To Back Its Claims.

If acupuncturists start to use the scientific data to back up the healing, it performs instead of talking too much about the mystical aspect we would have more success and less skeptic new clients. Just look at some of the illnesses and symptoms we help heal!

  • Back pain
  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique also called (NEAT)
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Sciatica

So while Joe Rogan is not fond of alternative medicine, We feel he just needs to dig deeper into acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbs and more. There is a saying, don’t knock it to you try it. But make sure you do it with real acupuncture clinic and a licensed doctor like David Sontag!

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